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Making Your Penis Bigger: What Are My Options?

Many doctors and licensed physicians had no idea how to answer this question until about 10 years ago when libido lengthening became a funded portion of their research. Demand from men was so high in finding a way to make their penis longer that respected scientists worldwide devoted their time to discovering a solution.

In short, the consensus among professionals was that natural enhancement was possible through the use of physical influence methods, like a Jes Extender. It was determined that using an extender was both the safest and most effective solution to gaining inches quickly. So what did they find one should avoid if they want everything to happen as it should?

Penis Enlargement Options

There are several solutions to making your penis bigger, but not all of them are going to be successful.  Some end up being a money trap, others may have side effects, or doctors may just not recommend them for whatever reason in general.

To find what is most beneficial in the male enhancement field, it is important to separate the most common methods.  One of these methods is called jelqing.  Another is using penis pumps.  Libido pills are also frequently mentioned.  And now most prominently, oil has gained popularity.

So what do you need to know about each one?


Universally it is more or less agreed upon by physicians that men should avoid jelqing.  Jelqing is the process of using weights to stretch the libido.  Besides taking months, if not years to produce results, the situation itself is very painful.  It goes well beyond just how you are feeling though.  Nerve damage frequently happens to those that select jelqing as their method of choice. You can learn more at

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Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are dangerous in a similar way, in that penile tissue can be easily affected.  To hear that seems like a good thing, but because this issue is so fragile, the pressure placed on it through pumps is too much.  These pumps burst capillaries often, and beyond that, decrease sensitivity over time in the libido.

This is obviously not what you want to have happened when trying to gain a sexual edge in the bedroom.  Arousal disappears frequently with this method. Learn more at

At first glance, pumps seem very natural because nothing is being swallowed or digested. The problem with pumps is that the pressure is too much. Capillaries burst constantly, causing extreme pain and decreased sensitivity during sex.

This is precisely the reason doctors recommend extenders, for the simple fact that the influence is merely stretching the penile tissue, not using air pressure. Air pressure is far too great on such a delicate body part.


Penis pills get positive reviews from a collection of doctors like Men’s Health Customer Journal, but it is stressed that you find some natural ingredients.  This is because artificial ingredients bog the body down and can cause nausea.  The biggest setback with penis pills is usually the price.

Penis enlargement oil is currently the most popular selection for making your penis bigger.  This is because doctors agree there are little to no side effects.  Libido oils like VigRx are placed on the shaft and relax the three caverns within the penis.

This relaxation causes increased blood flow, which makes stiff erections.  Over time these erections become constant to the point that inches can be gained in penis length.

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The first thing that should be avoided is penis pills using artificial ingredients. To begin with, libido supplements are usually only successful at maintaining an erection. This is obviously not the same thing as adding inches to your size.

Progress is further circumvented by adding foreign substances into the body. Many pills use artificial ingredients to cut down on production costs. These ingredients slow metabolism significantly and cause nausea.


Besides the aforementioned decreased sensitivity, weights can cause nerve damage. The very mention of weights cause discomfort to most men, and the use of them is not much better. Extenders stretch the penile tissue over time with increased blood flow.

Weights attempt to accomplish this stretching virtually overnight. This is extremely unnatural and should be avoided.


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