Pheromones for Women

Do Pheromones for Women Work?

Most women wish to attract members of the opposite sex. Now, this doesn’t mean the average woman wants a pack of sex hungry men following her around. She probably just wants more opportunities to find love and romance.

Even if she just received a few more winks, smiles and whistles, this would put her in a good mood. The good thing is that women can purchase synthetic pheromone products to help make this happen.

What woman wouldn’t like a little edge when it comes to romance? There are so many women looking for love, and the competition is tough. But if you’re looking for love, consider trying pheromones in the form of sprays, perfumes or oils. They can help you get more attention from men. Use them to target that special guy that you’ve always wanted to date.


Pheromones impact human responses, which is shown via positive research. They are natural molecules and an integral part of human communication. Pheromones are secreted via the skin, and they are airborne once they leave your body. People around you inhale them and react based upon the type of pheromone. The good thing is that women secrete many types of them.

ABC Pheromones Experiment

ABC did an experiment which backs up many of the things said about pheromones and sexual attraction. Nancy Snyderman, a medical doctor, and host for the experiment used identical twin sisters to prove her point. The twins were told to dress the same and spend time separately at a local bar. One twin wore a pheromone cologne with copulins. The other twin wore witch hazel, which didn’t contain pheromones.

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The twin with the pheromone cologne was approached by 30 different men. Her sister was only approached 11 times. This is a 3 to 1 difference, which is quite impressive. Pheromones might actually work for women, right?

The human body naturally produces pheromones, but they can also be synthesized in laboratories. There are numerous body sprays, deodorants, and perfumes made with synthesized pheromones. Surprisingly, some of them are produced for reasons other than sexual attraction. There are also pheromones created for the purpose of making people happier.

Thus, there are different kinds of pheromones. Yes, many of them are designed to get the attention of the opposite sex. Other pheromones are mood enhancers, and others can provide information about your social status, age, and health. Learn more at

Many women may be interested in using releaser pheromones. Exactly what are they? They are used in perfumes and oils to impact certain behaviors and feelings. Women like to wear these products to gain more attention from men.

Results from Using Pheromones

But in order to use pheromones, you must determine what you’d like to achieve. Do you want to make people more comfortable around you? Do you want to give off confident vibes? Or do you want to use all of these things to target the man of your dreams? Figure out what you want and find the right pheromone-based products to meet your goals.


Copulins and estratetraenol are two pheromones that are only produced by women. Androstenol and androstenone are also found in pheromone colognes for women; however, they are produced by both men and women. All in all, it’s easy to attract men when wearing products that contain these pheromones.

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When combined, your opportunities for romance are increased. There are plenty of pheromone-based products for women. Choose wisely if you want to get your man.

If you want to boost your man’s testosterone level, then choose pheromones for women with copulins. Increase his testosterone level, and you’ll have a loving mate with a heightened sex-drive on your hands. If you choose a product that has both copulins and estratetraenol, this will also put him in a good mood. Keep in mind that androstenone and androstenol are also good cologne additives as well.


Androstenone was the first discovered pheromone. Wear it and increase the sexuality of the men around you. The same thing happens to women when men wear this pheromone.


Androstenol has a musky scent that smells like sandalwood. Most colognes with this scent are very strong and unique. It gives off friendly vibes, which makes the target want to talk more. It can be added to colognes with many other pheromones.

You shouldn’t wear pheromone products each day. They are too strong to wear to the office around coworkers or customers. You don’t want to be responsible for intense sexual emotions in the workplace, right?


Most women like to wear pheromones when frequenting local nightclubs and bars. Basically, if you want to find the love of your life, don’t sit around waiting for him to find you. Use pheromones to your advantage and get the love you crave.


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