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Why should you use a penis extender? Penis enlargement techniques can be various but they are all equally interesting for the less gifted men. Of course, there is pretty much difference between them so you should be at least basically informed of the options and their benefits and flaws. For the beginning, we will say that there are four main penis enlargement methods. First of them are exercises. They aren’t proven to be efficient at all and there is more probable that you will hurt yourself than that you’ll gain the wanted inches. The only good side with this method is that includes a lot of playing with your member. The second method is taking penis enlargement supplements. These things are pretty good.

They don’t guarantee that you will get your desired size, but they are completely natural and they cat hurt. Even better, some other things are guaranteed when using them. You will get more endurance and stamina in bed. This means that you will be able to do it longer and multiple times. They also increase the sex drive and that makes them pretty much worth the money even if they don’t give the desired result in size. The third method is penis enlargement surgery. This is a sure way that guarantees an increase in size. The tricky part is its price and undesired outcomes.

Namely, these procedures cost a lot. Best surgeons will charge up to $12000 for this procedure and that is a really big figure. Additionally, there is no guarantee that you’ll like its new look. Many men were pretty unhappy with the look of their enlarged member since there was some mutilation. It is inevitable when you chop it and there is no way you could know how it will look at the end. There were also some cases of losing erectile function of the penis which was put under the surgery.

Penis Extenders Are The Most Effective Enlargement Method

The fourth method includes penis extenders. This is a pretty cheap method and the results are guaranteed. It is also mutilation proof method and if applied properly it will give great results. It operates on the simple stretching principle. Penis extenders pull your member and make small ruptures in its tissue. The body fights those micro injuries by growing more tissue and that’s how you get more mass down there.

When you decide to buy a penis extender you should do a bit research before the actual purchase. It is best to visit some forums and chats and to hear other people’s experiences. Also, the manufacturers with a good reputation are most reliable so there can’t be many mistakes with them. When you got your penis extender, make sure to introduce it in operation slowly. Overexerting your penis with maximum adjustments at the very beginning can be very painful. It is best to start with basic settings and short periods of time wearing it for the beginning. When your body is adapted, you can slowly increase the traction force and the duration of the sessions. After persistent and regular use, you will be more than happy with the results.

Penis Extender Science

Whenever people talk about penis enlargement options of different kinds, there is one thing that is not that commonly talked about and those are the scientific facts about these different options. And today, we will let you in on a little secret as to why this is so. Namely, when you take a look at penis enhancement supplements and other similar products that are being advertised for penis enlargement, is best for the advertisers and the manufacturers if the scientific aspect of it all is not discussed. Namely, they are well aware that there is nothing scientific to back their products and that is why they usually avert the attention to other aspects, such as the naturalness of their products and the implied safety.

Penis extenders are a completely different story and it is mostly due to the fact that there is real science behind these products and that this science can perfectly explain how penis extenders work and what it is that causes the permanent increase in penis size by these products. In this article, we will be talking about the science behind penis extenders and we will try and give you as many cold, hard facts about these incredible products.

First of all, we would like to talk about the reasons why these devices were developed and how they came to exist. This had nothing to do with someone wishing to get rich quickly. In fact, penis extenders were developed in order to aid in the penis enlargement surgery which demanded (and still demands) for the patient to extend their penis after surgery. It was soon discovered that penis extenders worked on their own, without surgery and that the penis could be increased in size without any procedures being done to it. Learn more about penis extenders at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com

How They Work

This principle involves applying constant traction to the tissue, causing micro-tears in the tissue. The body does not tolerate empty spaces inside the tissue and thus creates new cells that fill up those empty spaces. In essence, with penis extenders, you grow totally new tissue that leads to the increase in size. Because of this process, the increase in size that is achieved with these devices is permanent and irreversible.

We also feel like we should say something about the science behind the development process, the design and the manufacturing of penis extenders. Namely, you need to realize that the leading brands of penis extenders, the ones that everyone has heard of are all manufactured using the most high-tech materials available today and that the manufacturing plants resemble those that manufacture parts for the most advanced pieces of technology.

All in all, when we are talking about the science involved in penis extenders, there is plenty of it, it can be checked and it can also be trusted.