Want to learn about sex pheromones? Pheromones are sexual attractants that are produced by all animals and they are emitted from our sweat glands to attract the opposite sex. These airborne chemical attractants are detected by the vomeronasal organ. Pheromones are found in colognes, perfumes, sprays, and even oils. One of the most popular brands is Pherazone which is sold online. Pherazone is considered to be one of the most powerful pheromone colognes available for men and women.


This term has the same Greek root as the word hormone: when it was coined in 1959, pheromones were mainly thought of as single compounds acting as external messengers but otherwise analogous to hormones that act within the body. However, in contrast with hormones, pheromones are usually relatively volatile substances of low molecular weight, they commonly occur in multicomponent mixtures in which even minor components may be of great importance in communication, and they may sometimes also have an action (defensive, for example) on other species. In the latter aspect, they can no longer be termed pheromones. Learn more at

The Science of Pheromone Smells

The main source of human pheromone production is the skin. The apocrine sebaceous glands which lie within the epidermis of the skin are found from head to toe but are largest and most abundant in six main localities.

Smells that are offensive to most people may be appealing and even sexually arousing to a few others on the same physiologic basis, as seen In the example of pheromones. For example, androstenol, “boar scent,” male pig hormone found in a boar’s saliva that sexually excites the female pig, is also found in human sweat. Androstenol is clinically perceived as unpleasant by most men but can be an acceptable odor likened to perfume by many women. An obvious question relates to how androstenol impacts on homosexual odor preference.

Pheromones Research

Since the middle of the nineteenth century, much has been discovered about the roles of pheromones and sexual attractants in the biology of mammals. Pheromone scent marking behavior involves a mere hunching of the back, a slight lateral shift in the center of balance and a rapid scratching sequence of first one inwardly turned hind foot followed by the other. Techniques developed over the last two or three decades have now made the study of odor possible, and this book examines the role of odors in mammalian biology.

Pheromones can make a big difference in the way that you enjoy sex due to increased levels of attraction and arousal. The best pheromones include high levels of androstenone and androstenol. This is why you should check out Pherazone for men.


Pheromones play a relatively small part in our lives, and it is diflicult for us to imagine animals living in a landscape of pheromonal odors that may be as important to their behavior as vision is to ours.